South London pub offers free turkey dinner and a pint to people that are lonely on Christmas Day

<em>Free Christmas dinners will be offered to lonely people at the Alexandra pub (Rex)</em>
Free Christmas dinners will be offered to lonely people at the Alexandra pub (Rex)

The spirit of Christmas is alive in one South London pub, who have decided to help out those feeling a little lonely this festive season.

In a season where images of families getting together to eat and open presents, it’s easy to forget that some people don’t have anyone to share the occasion with.

But The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon are on hand to help out by offering free turkey dinners and pints on Christmas Day to anyone on their own.

The establishment did the same thing last year and the confirmed that 2017 would be no different.\

They said in a statement: “There are no tricks, hidden marketing swerves or strings, it’s quite simple.

“If you are going to be on your own for whatever reason on Christmas day, come over and we’ll give you a Christmas dinner and pint/glass of wine for free.”

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Reaffirming their “no strings” policy, the pub said that people can turn up, eat, drink then go home, with no obligation to buy anything or hand over email addresses.

They added: “As long as you leave here happier than you would have been if you hadn’t walked in on Christmas day, we’ve done our bit.”

And in a final reminder to all of us, the pub said: “Do something good for somebody this Christmas, it’s kind of the whole point when it comes down to it.”