New South Wales Farmer Moves Livestock Along Swollen River as Floods Set to Worsen

A farmer in Brewarrina, New South Wales, has improvised to move his sheep and cattle to higher ground as the Australian state prepares for more flooding.

Video recorded by David Motley and his daughter Amy shows Motley’s men moving sheep and bulls along the swollen Barwon River on October 3.

The flock of sheep was moved across the water using a makeshift trailer, which Motley said was made of “two tinnies strapped together for stability.”

As for the bulls, he explained that the animals had to swim approximately 300 meters. “I followed them into the water, up to my waist, until they started to swim,” he said.

The outlet 9 News reported that the Australian state was “bracing itself” for flooding. Credit: David Motley via Storyful

Video transcript


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- Go. Go. Go. Go, boys. Go.

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