Southeastern trains commuters face rush hour chaos at Cannon Street

Sophie Williams
There were delays on Southeastern trains as commuters tried to make their way home: Alex Franklin

Commuters heading home from Cannon Street have faced huge delays on Southeastern trains this evening following an incident at New Cross several hours earlier.

According to Southeastern, the delays have lasted all day as New Cross is a key location on the network and no diversionary routes are available.

A person died after being hit by a train at New Cross station on Tuesday morning. A spokesperson for British Transport Police said they were not treating the incident as suspicious.

At the time, southeastern warned passengers to find alternative routes to work. These delays have lasted throughout the day.

The train company said that recovering full service following the incident can take a considerable time.

Frustrated commuters took to Twitter to post pictures and complain about the service on the line.

In the images posted to social media, Cannon Street was crammed full of passengers.

Passengers have said there is confusion at the station as to whether they can use their tickets on other networks.

There have also been other issues on the Southeastern network with services from Charing Cross affected by a train fault.

At least two trains leaving the station were formed of 8 carriages instead of 12 with many customers complaining about the level of service.