Southwest Airlines Issues Second Apology Amid Widespread Disruptions

Southwest Airlines issued a statement on December 28, further apologizing for disruption that left travelers and their luggage stranded at airports across the US following the Christmas weekend.

“We’ve let our Customers and Employees down, and we pledge to do everything we can to make it right,” the airline wrote on Twitter.

In the footage, Chief Commercial Officer Ryan Green apologized to “every single person disrupted” and said the airline would do “everything we can” and “work day and night to repair our relationship with you.” Green advised on Southwest’s flexibility policy and how to submit claims for lost luggage.

According to FlightAware, 61 percent of the 2,914 flights cancelled on December 28 were operated by Southwest. Credit: Southwest Airlines via Storyful

Video transcript

RYAN GREEN: Hello, everyone. I'm Ryan Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Southwest Airlines. I want to speak to every single person disrupted by our challenges and I want to offer you three things. First, my personal apology on behalf of myself and everyone at Southwest Airlines for all of this. Second, a pledge to do everything we can and to work day and night to repair our relationship with you. And third, offer some specific new resources that we have to get you the fastest information and fastest service possible.

You know by now all the flexibility and planning that we put in place to deal with the storm just wasn't enough. And so we've extended flexibility for self-service travel changes through January 2. And meaning that if you have travel plans with us before then, you shouldn't need to get on a call or stand in a line and you can make any flight changes you need to at And when you're there on our website, you'll also see links to new places for additional help.

For example, if you're still waiting on a bag, you can submit information on how to receive that bag at no cost to you. You can submit a full refund request for any canceled flights. And if you have any travel expenses due to the disruption, you can submit those receipts directly on our website.

My personal apology is the first step of making things right after many plans changed and experiences fell short of your expectations of us. We're continuing to work to make this up to you and you'll hear more about that soon. But for now, we're focused on restoring the reliability and level of customer experience we expect of ourselves and that you expect from us.