Norway’s Institute of Marine Research have said.The level did not, however, pose a danger to marine life or humans, as it would be quickly diluted. The 800,000 figure – the highest level of radiation found at the site – was observed at one of the sub’s ventilation ducts. More generally, levels of 100,000 times normal were found, researchers said.The Komsomolets was a nuclear-powered titanium-hulled attack submarine capable of deep-diving and equipped with two torpedoes carrying nuclear warheads. The submarine sank on April 7, 1989, after a fire broke out on board. Forty-two people died.Hilde Elise Heldal, who led the Institute of Marine Research expedition, said the results were still considered preliminary. “We will study the samples even more thoroughly when we get home," Heldal said. Credit: Institute of Marine Research via Storyful">