Space: Alert over mega-planet pinball blizzard when sun dies

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A study is suggesting four planets locked in orbit around a nearby star are destined to be sent ‘pinballing’ around their solar system when their sun eventually dies.

Astronomers at the universities of Warwick and Exeter are modelling the change in gravitational forces in the distant system to see what their impact would be.

We spoke to the Lead author of the report, Dr Dimitri Veras from the University of Warwick department of Physics.

Hackers have breached the mainframe of Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest gaming companies behind titles such as Fifa 21.The company says that no player data has been stolen.

But the hackers claim to have downloaded 780 gigabytes of source code for games including Fifa 21, and EA’s custom-built Frostbite engine used as the building blocks for other big titles.

Canada’s top privacy regulator says federal police force broke the law by using controversial facial recognition software for several months last year, until it was banned there.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police initially denied using Clearview AI, which is American facial recognition software that cross-references photos with a database of photos posted to social media.

Joining the Venus party: The European Space Agency says it wants to reveal some of the mysteries too, scientists have cut symptoms of Dengue Fever – a severe reaction from a mosquito bite – by 77 per cent in trials, can we improve the early diagnosis of lung cancer? and, an NFT called “Cryptopunk” has sold for almost $12 million dollars at auction.

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