Space drama ‘Glare’ coming to HBO from JJ Abrams


JJ Abrams is no stranger to science fiction.

He’s helmed big budget movies Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, helped define the cultural zeitgeist with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and has been executive producer on Fringe, Person of Interest, and Almost Human. Most recently, he’s been involved with HBO hit Westworld – and it looks like he’s set to deliver another one.

It’s recently been announced that Abrams will be executive producer on new HBO programme Glare, which is set to be made by his production company Bad Robot.

Little is known about Glare at present; it’s been described as “an hourlong drama series exploring the colonization of another planet”, but currently those are the only details that have been released. Certainly, it’s a premise that will provide fertile ground for drama.

Ben Stephenson of Bad Robot will also be an executive producer, alongside award winning writer Javier Gullón; Gullón is also set to provide the script for the drama. Gullón has previously written the movies Enemy, Out of the Dark, Hierro and 478.

With Game of Thrones set to conclude with its eighth season, and Westworld not returning until 2018, it’s likely that HBO is hoping Glare will turn out to be a heavy hitter in its own right.


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