Space rocket test centre to be launched in Fife

Conor Riordan, PA Scotland
·2-min read

A space rocket company is creating a new engine test complex in Fife with the aim of creating 170 jobs.

The Rosyth site will allow Skyrora to carry out experiments to provide the technical and performance data that will eventually allow the firm to send its first vessel into orbit.

It has already successfully tested its 3.5 kilonewton engine and three-tonne engine for its sub-orbital and orbital rockets.

Test site
The site will allow Skyrora to carry out engine tests that will provide technical and performance data (Skyrora)

The company expects the newly established complex to help the company create over 170 new jobs in the area by 2030.

Volodymyr Levykin, chief executive officer of Skyrora, said: “The opening of our engine test complex represents a giant leap forward for the UK’s ambitions as a space nation and Scotland’s status as a space hub.

“The location and additional jobs will benefit the UK space industry and help the overall economy grow.

“It will also allow Skyrora’s highly skilled workforce and a young generation of engineers and technicians to be a part of this space revolution.”

He added: “Skyrora has developed and come so far as a team and a company, and I am really proud to see how many milestones we have achieved in a short period of time.”

The company’s vision is to test all three engines used on its rocket suite in the one location.

These include the seven-tonne engine for the first and second stage of the orbital Skyrora XL launch vehicle, the 3.5 kilonewton engine for the third stage and the three-tonne engine for the sub-orbital Skylark L launch vehicle.

The launch vehicle manufacturing company aims to complete the inaugural launch of Skyrora XL from a UK spaceport by 2023.