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Now, it’s one small test launch but a giant leap for Britain’s space race as a rocket took off in perfect weather conditions from Scotland.

The commercial rocket is called Ada, after computing pioneer Ada Lovelace, and is about four metres long.

We spoke to Rob Adlard, Gravitilab Aerospace technical director, who says while Ada’s test saw it fly several metres, their future plans are shooting for sub-orbit. The project, called Spaceport 1, is part of a consortium that includes Gravitilab and the local council, and is one of several proposed launch sites around the UK.

Microsoft is admitting to a huge vulnerability that could hit its cloud computing customers.

It is feared that the gaping hole in its security protocols could give intruders the ability to read, change or even delete thousands of customers’ main databases. Details were revealed in an email seen by the Reuters news agency and confirmed by security company Wiz.

A study has found that the increased risk of being admitted to hospital or dying due to blood clots for someone with Covid-19 is actually “much higher” than in people who had a first dose of a vaccine.

We spoke to Professor Aziz Sheikh, director of the University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute, which partnered with the University of Oxford on the study.

Small firms now rent-a-robot for half the price of a human worker...with no back-chat or tea breaks. Apple performs legal flanking manoeuvre ahead of Fortnite ruling as tech giant strikes App Store deal with small developers. Alright for sum...Apple chief Tim Cook enjoys $750 million payout, and, thousands of spider crabs mass off Cornish coast in spectacular natural phenomenon.

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