SpaceX Falcon 9: Astonished plane passenger 'captures remarkable footage' of satellite launch

Sean Morrison
Falcon 9 launch: The rocket shot satiates into Earth orbit: SpaceX

A plane passenger claims to have captured remarkable footage of the latest SpaceX launch after allegedly being lucky enough to spot it from a window seat on a flight to Los Angeles.

Billionaire business magnate Elon Musk launched his reusable Falcon 9 rocket carrying two test satellites into Earth’s orbit on Thursday.

But one astonished plane passenger described catching a glimpse of the powerful rocket as it passed a flight on its way out of the atmosphere, leaving behind a long trail of smoke.

The remarkable footage was shared on Reddit from the account tKMagus, which described the alternative viewing of the impressive launch as “an awesome way to start the morning."

I got to see SpaceX Falcon9 launch with the StarLink prototype from my flight into LAX. It was an awesome way to start my morning. from r/space

SpaceX’s primary mission for the launch was to deliver a Spanish satellite known as PAZ into orbit, which will provide imagery for commercial and government uses.

Falcon 9 is also carrying two of SpaceX's own prototype satellites, called Microsat-2a and -2b. These form part of the company's first phase of testing into how to provide low-cost internet to people around the world by satellite.

The Spanish satellite was built by Airbus and is operated by Hisdesat, part of Spain's national satellite company.

Mr Musk’s firm made headlines earlier this month when space enthusiasts around the world watched its Falcon Heavy rocket - the most powerful in the world today - blast off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The rocket carrying CEO millionaire Mr Musk’s cherry red Tesla sports car was crowned the most powerful operational rocket in the world following the successful test.

The rocket’s payload was manned by a mannequin in a space suit.

In the jaw-dropping footage, the dummy could be seen strapped into the driver’s seat as the vehicle entered orbit. The impressive vehicle’s three boosters and 27 engines roared into life in Cape Canaveral.

Thousands gathered to watch as the gigantic space shuttle launched into space.

The Tesla and its passenger had been dispatched into an elliptical orbit around the Sun that reaches as far as Mars.