Spain Holiday Warning After Infection Outbreak Reported In Ibiza

UK tourists looking to travel to Spain in the coming months need to be aware of an outbreak of dengue fever in Ibiza.

The Spanish government has warned that cases of the virus, known as both dengue or dengue fever, transmitted by mosquitos, may spread at a higher rate during the busier summer months.

It comes after six German tourists were infected in Ibiza between May and November 2022. Health officials are warning there is a “moderate” risk people could catch it this summer.

The Spanish government thinks that an outbreak may have been spread by holidaymaker from Mexico who only developed symptoms upon arrival.

Most of the time, the infection is not too serious and can go away on its own.

Still, Spain’s ministry of health have made it clear that they want all holidaymakers to be aware of the potential infection.

The officials said in a statement: ”One of the potential vectors of dengue is the Aedes albopictus mosquito, present throughout the area, the Spanish Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands and also in some areas of the interior and north of the country.

“After learning about the cases, the authorities of the Balearic Islands have planned actions such as pertinent surveillance and vector control and also communication and information to the public, to be carried out before and during the start of the vector activity season.”

What are the symptoms of dengue fever?

The NHS website explains that symptoms start to show around four to 10 days after someone is bitten by an infected mosquito.

The symptoms are similar to flu:

  • A high temperature

  • Severe headache

  • Pain behind the eyes

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Feeling or being sick

  • Swollen glands

  • A blotchy rash of flat or slightly raised spots

Dengue fever can also be deadly to the vulnerable, with more severe symptoms emerging a few days after the person first falls ill.

This can include repeated vomiting, bleeding gums or nose, severe stomach pain, fast breathing, extreme tiredness, being unable to relax, blood in vomit or your poo.

Key facts about catching dengue

The type of mosquito who transmits the virus tends to bite during the daytime.

You cannot get it from another person, and it is not found in the UK.

But in Spain and other parts of southern Europe like Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal and Madeira, you can get dengue between spring and November, when the weather is warmer.

It is very common in parts of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Caribbean, Pacific islands and parts of North America.