Spanish hotspot takes new measures to warn to Brits over 'illegal' beach activity

Bathers enjoying the beach on general election day on July 23, 2023 in Benidorm, Spain
-Credit: (Image: Zowy Voeten/Getty Images)

UK holidaymakers who visit a top Spain hotspot have reportedly been given a humorous but stern warning about buying "illegal" drinks.

According to Spanish outlets, tourists who regularly flock to the beaches of Benidorm are being urged to steer clear of vendors who flog alcoholic beverages and other holiday treats like ice cream, as well as goods like sunglasses and pool toys. Benidorm's Policia Local are said to have altered a famous Shakespearian quote to help get the message across, The Olive Press reports.

Posters have reportedly began to pop up around the destination saying "thirst or not thirst, that is not the question", a play on a line from Hamlet's famous speech "to be or not to be, that is the question".

A translated statement shared by Polica Local on Facebook on Monday reads: "THIRST or not THIRST, that is NOT the question.

"If Shakespeare already said it, if you are thirsty buy your drink at empowered locations. For hygiene and for your safety. The street sale of drinks and food on the beach sand is prohibited and may be dangerous for you."

Known locally as lateros and cuberos, these vendors regularly pop up on Spanish coastlines, with authorities often seizing their wares. Despite intervention, it seems that such sellers continue to pop-up and Spanish law states that they risk a €3,000 fine, while tourists can be hit with a £170 penalty for buying from them.

Travellers heading to Spain for a getaway this summer should also know about alcohol restrictions that are in force at all inclusive resorts. First brought in back in 2020, guests are limited to just six drinks per day with their package that must be spread out through the day.

Areas under this ruling include Magaluf, Playa de Palma and El Arenal in Majorca, as well as San Antonio in Ibiza.

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