Sparks Fly as Jet's Landing Gear Collapses on Bogota Runway

Part of the landing gear of an airplane headed from Valencia, Venezuela, to Bogota, Colombia, collapsed, creating sparks and runway closures on November 22.

The Avior Airlines Boeing 737-400 aircraft was landing at the El Dorado Airport in Bogota when the landing equipment on the right side failed and caused the plane to tilt and drag on the runway, creating sparks and terrifying passengers, according to reports.

Aeronautical firefighters and other emergency officials sprayed the side of the plane with foam to minimize damage, according to reports.

José Ignacio Penso Moreno was a passenger on the flight and recorded video footage as the plane was landing, showcasing the sparks on the runway and capturing the fearful gasps of other passengers.

The airline said it would be investigating the incident. No injuries were reported. Credit: José Ignacio Penso Moreno via Storyful