Special touch by Archetype Fine Arts

Conservation in progress
Conservation in progress

WHEN you have a special piece of art sometimes you need just the right frame for it and a place to be displayed.

This is where Archetype Fine Arts comes in with its extensive specialisms in the art world.

It is a business run  by Lily Cheetham and her partner Matt Curtis. We took time out to chat to Lily about her business:

What is your name? -Lily Cheetham (run together with my partner Matt Curtis) What is the name of your business? -Archetype Fine Art Services What service do you provide? -We provide bespoke conservation picture framing, Exhibition services installing/ deinstalling and fabrication. This includes making plinths and book display cradles among other custom requests. The frames we make feature consistently in large scale exhibitions in London.

What is your background? - I come from an art school background, As well being an Artist myself. I have worked at public galleries such as Tate Gallery in London and have varied experience working for artists, Private framers and commercial Galleries. It came about as a result of all these Skills learned over the years that setting up a specialist framer would be a viable business.

What do you sell the most of? It’s hard to say as every job is different by the bespoke nature of what we do. But we do lots of simple lovely natural hardwood frames with Materials like Oak. Which can work Well with so many different types of artworks.

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked to do at Archetype? - We’ve been asked to frame shoes and many odd objects over the years. But maybe the most unusual but memorable job/ Contract was when We were asked to make 3250 frames For a vast Tate Exhibition at Tate Britain for a Steve McQueen Exhibition. We Made around 500 frames in 8-9 months. Which was no mean feat in our small family run operation. Jobs like these don’t come round very often…

What is Stroud like as a town to operate in? - Stroud is a great place, although a lot of our work comes London. We do lots of work for creative people locally which such a vibrant art scene for a small town. Local clients really value what we do And appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making our frames and other types of requests.ests.