Spectacular rainbow corn is the latest 'food porn' trend

Mark Molloy
Glass Gem rainbow corn photos have been shared on social media   - Facebook / Mark Basaluddin

This incredible rainbow corn takes food porn to another level.

Photos of the colourful food have been widely shared on the internet, with a Facebook group even dedicated to unusual food trend.

No, the images haven’t been photoshopped, the beautiful rainbow corn is a food phenomenon known as Glass Gem.

The stunning variety of corn was selected over many years by the late Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder from Oklahoma.

After crossing several traditional corn varieties, he painstakingly selected and saved seeds from the most vivid, translucent kernels.

“With its opalescent kernels glimmering like rare jewels, it’s easy to see what the buzz is about. This is some truly mind-blowing maize,” sellers Native Seeds explain.

“Rest assured, this is no Photoshop sham. It is truly as stunning held in your hand as it is on your computer screen. When you peel back the husk from a freshly harvested ear to reveal the rainbow of colours inside, it’s like unwrapping a magical present. And this is a gift that is meant to be shared far and wide.”

They added: “Many people have contacted us looking to obtain Glass Gem seed. Demand has been very high for this rare variety.”

Rainbow popcorn anyone? 

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