Spectators Avoid Injury as Sprintcar Crash Sends Vehicle Hurtling Toward Stand

A sprintcar race at the Avalon Raceway in Lara, a small town southwest of Melbourne, came to an abrupt halt on December 26 as one of the vehicles was sent hurtling toward the stands following a collision.

Footage captured by Victoria woman Caitlyn Barry shows close-up footage as the vehicle, driven by Tim Hutchins, was involved in a collision that saw Hutchins’s car flip into the air before being stopped by a catch fence as spectators scrambled away.

The race was ultimately stopped. A Facebook page for Hutchins Motorsport T7 said their driver was “a little stiff and sore but soldiering on as he always does”.

No injuries to drivers or spectators were reported. Credit: Caitlyn Barry via Storyful

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