Speech pathologist reveals how 8-month-old is secretly ‘speaking’ to mom: ‘He was fascinated’

Your babbling baby might be speaking much earlier than you think.

TikToker Stephanie Cohen is a mother and speech pathologist, so she knows a thing or two about how babies develop their speaking abilities. Cohen answered the burning question on many parents’ minds: When is your baby going to start talking?

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A mother asked the speech pathologist when her 8-month-old would begin speaking.

“He is talking. So we listened. He’s doing two things. He’s making mouth sounds, and he’s producing syllables, consonants and vowels together like, a-ba, a-ya, nah,” Cohen explained.

“She knew he was doing that, but she didn’t realize those were the building blocks of language,” the expert added.

Cohen advised the mom to carefully listen to the sounds the infant made and then copy the sounds. Unsurprisingly, when the mom tried the technique, her baby started to imitate the sounds back.

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“First, he was fascinated that his mom was saying what he said. He loved it. Then he took his turn again; he either said the same thing or something different,” Cohen said.

They went back and forth, and they had a little baby conversation. She could even demonstrate new sounds, and he tried to imitate.

According to Healthline, “Most babies may begin copying sounds and using repeat syllables like ‘mama’ and ‘bababa’ between the time they are 6 to 9 months old.”

People shared their own experiences teaching their infants to speak.

“So I should pterodactyl scream back at my 6-month-old?” a person joked.

“I’ve been doing this with my baby, and I had no idea it was helping her with talking. She copies me and now says mama at 7 months,” a user wrote.

“This makes me so happy, sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough. But my baby boy is saying dada and mama,” another added.

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