Speed cameras erected on Paisley road that was scene of tragic crash

Councillor Stephen Burns with the speed camera installed on Brediland Road at Greenways Court, Paisley
-Credit: (Image: Andrew Neil)

A fixed speed camera has been installed on a busy road in Paisley which has sparked safety concerns in the community for years.

The bright yellow pole topped with two cameras facing in both directions of the road has been erected at the junction of Brediland Road and Greenways Court, near St Paul’s and Brediland primary schools.

Work on the project – initially scheduled to start last month – had hit a delay when contractors discovered underground services at the original site near to the junction with Inverkar Drive.

Police Scotland and Safety Cameras Scotland are currently carrying out testing on the cameras before they become operational.

The amount of time this is expected to take has not yet been confirmed, but it’s hoped the camera will be up and running by August.

Councillor Stephen Burns, a representative for Paisley Southwest, has been campaigning for more than a year now in a bid to get the camera installed.

The SNP politician told the Paisley Daily Express: “I’ve been in contact with Safety Cameras Scotland for more than a year now and Renfrewshire Council’s road safety department to get safety measures put in place there for a considerable amount of time.

“I’m pleased to see that progress has been made and the camera has now been erected. There is testing that needs to take place before it’s operational, but hopefully that will be completed shortly.

“It’s located near two primary schools and there are shops in the area that are well used so this should make a significant difference to the safety of pedestrians on the road.”

Fellow Paisley southwest representative Councillor Anne Hannigan has also campaigned for road safety measures on the road.

She earlier told the Paisley Daily Express: “When I was knocking on doors in early 2022, speeding and general driving behaviour on Brediland Road was frequently mentioned as a major concern.

“All who use the road regularly witness speeding and frequent disregard of lights, which is unacceptable on all our roads, but is even more selfish and worrying given the presence of two primary schools and a high school.”

The installation of the cameras comes just 18 months after a fatality on the road.

Pedestrian Jim Paterson, 63, died when he was hit by a vehicle on Brediland Road just after midnight on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Last June, Police Scotland said a then 26-year-old man had been arrested and charged in connection with the fatal crash.

In March, it was revealed a speed camera would be installed on the road following a request made to Safety Cameras Scotland in the wake of the tragic incident.

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