Speeding M62 drivers 'plaguing' 30mph Huddersfield road

Councillors are pressing a road safety body to install a permanent speed camera on a Huddersfield road plagued by speeding drivers.

It comes after more than 2,000 drivers were caught driving too fast on the A640 New Hey Road in Huddersfield, which passes through Marsh, Lindley, Salendine Nook and Outlane. The drivers were caught by a speed camera van. The road has sections with a 30mph limit that becomes 40mph.

Councillors in Lindley have been pressing for more speed enforcement following a fatality last year when a motorcycle rider died in a crash in Salendine Nook.

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Councillor Cahal Burke, along with his two Lib Dem colleagues Councillor Ashleigh Robinson and Councillor Anthony Smith, are asking for a fixed camera to put up in New Hey Road. A specific location has yet to be identified.

Coun Burke told Yorkshire Live: "Myself and my colleagues Councillor Smith and Councillor Robinson are pleased to see the speed enforcement on New Hey Road as we regularly receive concerns from residents regarding traffic speeds.

"We sadly had a fatality last year and following this tragedy we requested more speed enforcement on New Hey Road.

"Ward colleagues and I also had a speed indicator device located on New Hey Road so we could monitor traffic volumes and speed. The Speed Indicator Device also improves driver speed compliance by informing drivers of the actual speed they are travelling and encouraging them to slow down."

Coun Burke said some drivers appeared to be ignorant of the speed limit, which is 30mph in places. He said: "Traffic heading towards the M62 and leaving often exceed the speed limit, often ignoring 30mph limit in Salendine Nook.

"The purpose of the speed limit here is to ensure the safety of all road users, from pedestrians to cyclists, and motorists themselves. As we are very concerned about the safety of all road users, we have requested West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership to consider a permanent static camera to be located on New Hey Road."

Coun Burke said councillors had previously requested a static camera for New Hey Road but had been knocked back. He added: "When we requested a static camera previously the road didn’t meet the criteria used for static cameras but this may have changed."

Yorkshire Live has asked the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership to comment.

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