Speeding taxi causes pile-up on Thai expressway road

This is the moment a speeding taxi caused a pile-up on an expressway in Thailand. Footage shows the cab rear-ending a sedan in front of it after failing to slow down along the Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway in Bangkok on November 12. Traffic had been building up on the lane, but the careless taxi driver kept speeding forward and could not pull the brakes in time. The initial crash caused a reaction chain of collisions as another pickup truck slammed into the taxi from behind, pushing it into two other cars. Five vehicles were reported damaged in the pileup. Onlooker Penphut Phus Tipcharoon said: 'At first, I was taking pictures of the night view in Bangkok, but there was a traffic jam so I turned off my camera. The accident happened when I turned it on again to start shooting.'