I spent £18 at B&M and it's the only thing keeping my dog cool in the heat

There's a huge Pet Cooling range in B&M
-Credit: (Image: Manchester Family / MEN)

If you're struggling a bit in the heat then spare a thought for our fur covered pets.

With temperatures soaring it can be hard for pets to keep cool and dogs in particular often suffer during the warm weather.

I've got a 38kg Labrador and while he seeks out the occasional ray of sun, generally he's not a fan of the heat.

That's why I decided to head to B&M to see what pet cooling products they have in store.

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There are loads of products to choose from
There are loads of products to choose from -Credit:Manchester Family / MEN

I was surprised to find quite a vast Pet Cooling range, especially after a sunny weekend.

They have all sorts of items in stock, from cooling collars and vests, to cooling soft toy shaped pillows, paddling pools and even fans to attach to a pet crate.

I decided to pick up a cooling mat for Milo, which is the best thing I've found yet during a heatwave.

Milo is loving his cooling mat
Milo is loving his cooling mat -Credit:Manchester Family / MEN

There's no faffing involved - us humans need a break too don't we - so you literally take it out of the box, roll it out onto the floor and they can lie on the cool material.

There's no electricity or water involved either, so no ongoing cost. The mat is activated when your pet sits on it and is billed as 'the perfect way to prevent animals from overheating in the summer'.

After being unsettled in the heat, it's the only thing that has calmed him and helped him sleep. He's not tried to eat it yet either.

Pet Cooling Sprinkler Mat, £10
Pet Cooling Sprinkler Mat, £10 -Credit:Manchester Family / MEN

I needed to get the XL one for our dog, which costs £18, but the small one is available for just £6 and the large one £10.

I couldn't resist picking him up a couple more of their cooling treats too for when he is feeling a bit more active.

The Pet Cooling Sprinkler Mat, costing £10, is brilliant as you just attach it to the hose and he's got his own personal little pad to jump on while the water sprays over him.

Ice Cream Dog Cooling Toy, £3
Ice Cream Dog Cooling Toy, £3 -Credit:Manchester Family / MEN

He loves his £3 Ice Cream Dog Cooling Toy too. You fill it with water and freeze it and they can get their teeth into it as it melts, with water squeezing out of the little holes in the 'ice cream'.

If he could thank me I know he would. His tail says it all. He might not be thanking me in the night when I'm trying to pinch that cool mat because I can't sleep. I've heard they're great for humans too.