I spent an hour at Bluewater's Bank Holiday food festival and it was 'foodie heaven'

The Scrumptious Food Festival will run every day of the bank holiday weekend
-Credit: (Image: KentLive)

Our second three-day weekend of the month is here, and many of us will be looking for fun ways to spend that precious extra time off. While getting my bank holiday plans together, there was one event I just knew I had to check out as an avid foodie - Bluewater's Scrumptious Food Festival.

Taking place between Saturday May 25 and Monday May 27, the celebration of all things delicious is a first for Bluewater, promising street food vendors, an artisan market and demonstrations from celebrity chef guests. Sounding like my perfect day out, I knew I just had to see it all for myself. And it only costs £3 to get in (kids go free).

Braving the bank holiday masses, me and my partner made the journey over to the bustling shopping centre, my stomach rumbling in anticipation the entire way. After arriving, it took no time at all to find the event which is being held outside The Village area, easily spotted thanks to the bright banners and signs that lead to the event space.

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There's plenty of choice on offer to suit all tastes at the street food market
There's plenty of choice on offer to suit all tastes at the street food market -Credit:KentLive

Before we'd even reached the entrance gate, my nose was flooded with a symphony of smells making the hunger in my belly only grow stronger. If this was a cartoon my feet would've been lifted from the ground as the alluring scents pulled me toward the festival.

Once through the ticket gate, we were immediately presented with the street food market and were stunned by the variety choices. From coffee vendors and a burger van, to a stall offering scrumptious Greek bites next to Kent's very own Whitstable Oyster Trading Co.

Before settling on our choice of lunch, we decided to have a snoop around the rest of the festival first, journeying into the marquee which held the main market. We began with a peruse of the independent shopping market stalls organised by Humble Country which offered an eye-catching selection of bits for the house, clothes, accessories and trinkets - a brilliant spot to look through if you’ve got any upcoming birthdays or events that you’re struggling to find the right gift for.

The indoor market was very exciting to explore
The indoor market was very exciting to explore -Credit:KentLive

Then it was over to the indoor food stalls, and anyone with a sweet tooth will be in absolute heaven. Standouts included The Tipsy Bakery which easily has the biggest cookies I’ve ever seen and a selection of indulgent boozy treats. There were also massive donuts to be found on a stall opposite, plenty of alcohol choices including Turners Cider, seasoning and rub specialists, chilli jams and countless more to tantalise those taste buds.

With the growls in our stomachs only growing louder, we knew it was time to finally grab lunch and after much debate, we went for Waffle and Co. Specialising in all things ( you guessed it) waffles, there were plenty of sweet and savoury choices to pick from, including chocolate smothered desserts to American diner style mains.

To get the best of both worlds, we opted for the Signature each which comprised a waffle topped with buttermilk chicken, maple syrup and whipped chive butter, costing £12.95 per portion. Wanting to really make the most of our street food experience, we shared a plate of the cheese topped fries as well, with a can of coke between to wash it down, bringing our order total to around £30.

Now that's what I call a proper lunch
Now that's what I call a proper lunch -Credit:KentLive

From the first bite I was in love, a sensation of sweet and salty flavours that came together beautifully, my lunchtime cravings were well and truly satisfied - I just needed to not think too hard about the calories. After loosening a belt loop or two, we headed back into the marquee to the Big Cookery Stage at the back to catch one of the celebrity chef talks and was lucky enough to see Rosemary Shrager.

Admittedly one of my favourite TV chefs, it was fantastic to watch her work in person, delivering a fantastic demonstration and being effortlessly funny throughout. Throughout the remaining days of the festival, plenty of other huge culinary stars will take to the stage including Tristan Welch, Alex Hollywood plus Bake Off favourites Janusz Domagala and Sandro Farmhouse.

The demonstration from Rosemary Shrager was an undeniable highlight and there are plenty of brilliant stars still to come
The demonstration from Rosemary Shrager was an undeniable highlight and there are plenty of brilliant stars still to come -Credit:KentLive

Best of all, entry to the festival really is cheap, costing £3 per adult and all under 16s able to go for free - though they need to be accompanied by an adult. The Scrumptious Food Festival will run between 10am and 5pm on Sunday May 26 and Monday May 27. Further information about the festival and line-up can be found here.

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