Viva Forever... and ever, and ever: Spice Girls fan punished for playing hit endlessly

Simon Garner
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Spice Girls fan Gavin Townroe has been handed a suspended prison sentence after driving his neighbours in Nottingham bonkers by constantly blaring out the girl band's number one hit 'Viva Forever'.

Townroe, 33, played the 'girl power' group's 1998 love ballad so loudly that one nearby resident had to be signed off sick from work due to lack of sleep.

Other people living in the same block of flats would even leave their homes just to get away from the constant sound of Sporty, Baby, Posh, Scary and Ginger Spice being repeatedly played.

Nottinghamshire Police began investigating Townroe last year after numerous neighbours complained about the music.

He was initially given an anti social behaviour injunction demanding him to keep the volume down.

But last Wednesday jobless Townroe was given a six week suspended jail term at Nottingham County Court after officers took volume levels at his home.

Wayne Cliff, the investigating officer in the case, gave evidence at court and said he heard 'Viva Forever' blasting from Townroe’s flat in Lenton, Nottingham.

Mr Cliff said: "Despite being warned, Mr Townroe had a total disregard for his neighbours and for the anti social behaviour injunction placed upon him.

"I'd like to thank residents for their commitment and determination in providing evidence to enable such action to be taken and hope this case reassures local residents that anti social behaviour will not be tolerated."

One of his neighbours, Salah Alsayed, 33, today revealed he had first complained about Townroe in January 2011.

He said: "As well as the Spice Girls, it was different music too - rock, dance, R and B,

"I like music too - but not like that.

"Friday, Saturday, you don't mind, but seven days a week it's very difficult to deal with.

"Sometimes it would happen at seven, eight o’clock in the morning - the police have been here many times.

"It's taken nearly two years."

In court Townroe admitted under cross examination he might have played music or allowed other people in to his flat that put music on.

But he could not remember many of the incidents neighbours complained about due to being drunk at the time.

Digby Court, where Townroe lived, is run by Nottingham City Homes and is one of five blocks of flats in Lenton.

Nottingham City Homes director of housing Gill Moy said: "Neighbours should never be subjected to anti social behaviour like this and the court’s actions back up how serious it is.

"The playing of loud music at all times is unacceptable and something we treat seriously to make sure our tenants and residents can live a peaceful life in their own homes."

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