Spider-Man: Tom Holland's dad addresses fact son is out of MCU following Disney controversy

Sony Pictures Releasing
Sony Pictures Releasing

The father of Tom Holland has directly addressed the Marvel-Sony controversy that has seen Spider-Man dropped from the MCU.

On Tuesday, it was reported by Deadline that a huge dispute between Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment meant that the former’s president, Kevin Feige, would no longer be able to produce any more Spider-Man films, eliminating Marvel’s involvement in future films starring the character.

While some sources say that negotiations are still ongoing, a Sony spokesman released a statement that seemed to hint that the backlash being heaped upon the studio was unfair; it seems Sony was willing to let Feige serve as a producer on their new Spider-Man films, but Disney bosses were hesitant to permit this as they refused a deal that would have seen them receive 50/50 of box office takings.

Comedian Dominic Holland referenced the drama in a blog post, which he posted a link to on Twitter with the comment, “#SaveSpiderMan.”

“I know nothing about the impasse between Sony and Marvel,” the Spider-Man actor’s father wrote. “I have no inside track on such issues. But whatever is decided by the big suits at these big Hollywood studios – my hunch is that the show will continue.

He continued: “Too much at stake and too many dollars riding on it – and besides, everyone wants the same thing; namely, Spider-Man on large screens keeping people safe and entertained. And with Tom in the suit, for the time being at least.”

Another person close to Holland – his Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner – wrote a message of support in response to the news.

Find a breakdown of what this development means for the MCU here.

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