Nightclub accused of victim-shaming after warning on spikings: 'It's in your hands to protect yourself'

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Spiders nightclub in Hull has been accused of victim-shaming. (Google Maps)
Spiders nightclub in Hull has been accused of victim-shaming. (Google Maps)

A nightclub has been accused of victim-shaming after telling customers "it's in your hands to protect yourself" from spikings.

Spiders nightclub in Hull released a statement ahead of last Saturday’s event, outlining what precautions people should take to avoid being drugged.

Many bars and nightclubs have issued similar warnings following a wave of injection spikings over the past few months.

But some have criticised the venue’s “poorly worded post” for “blaming people for getting too drunk”.

Group of people dancing on dance floor at nightclub
Many bars and nightclubs have issued warnings following a wave of injection spikings. (Getty)

Spiders' all caps message posted on social media read: “Regarding the so-called spate of drink spiking. It is in your hands to protect yourself and others.

“Never leave your drink unattended, unless left with a friend you totally trust.”

Spiders said it is “impossible to search every customer” and most people would find it “abhorrent”.

The club’s statement added: “A small plastic phial could easily be concealed in underwear.”

Customers reacted angrily to the statement, with one clubber writing: “This is so poorly worded, victim blaming, and lack lustre.

“You went to the nth degree to protect us from covid, but you cant get some plastic covers for drinks in.”

Another person added: “I’m usually a big fan of your posts but this is a terribly worded statement that downplays the severity of an incredibly disgusting topic.

“I’ve seen so many clubs handling this correctly – from signposting to help and support to putting up posters in their venues – I don’t know how you managed to get this so wrong.”

Some venues are carrying out stricter searches and offer anti-spiking bottle tops and drink covers.

But customers feel Spiders is not doing enough, with one commenting, “How about you as a club protecting your customers? What steps are you taking to ensure their safety? None?”

Spiking drink with drugs in a bar or night club
Some venues offer anti-spiking bottle tops and drink covers. (Getty)

Spiders issued an update to its statement on Saturday evening, clarifying what it had said.

It added: "The reason we used the term (so called) in the last post is because drink spiking in no way justifies the seriousness of the offence, it should be actual bodily harm or even stronger.

"If our last post is read in full and not just the first few lines, it shows how strongly we feel about such dangerous and life threatening practices.

"All our staff are fully aware of the situation and will act accordingly."

But this follow-up was also criticised, with some customers describing it as "tone deaf".

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Spiders, one of the most popular clubs in Hull for Halloween, is equipped with 27 CCTV cameras.

Anyone caught spiking will be immediately referred to the police and band from the club for life.

Yahoo News UK has contacted Spiders nightclub for further comment.

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