'I was spiralling out of control': Sheridan Smith opens up about breakdown

Sheridan Smith opens up about her breakdown on Lorraine (ITV)
Sheridan Smith opens up about her breakdown on Lorraine (ITV)

Sheridan Smith admitted that she had a “breakdown” and was “spiralling out of control” as she battled with her personal issues two years ago.

In 2016, Smith pulled out of the West End adaption of ‘Funny Girl’ in order to spend time with her dad who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Smith later withdrew from the public eye following the death of her father.

Addressing the backlash she received, the Cilla actress spoke candidly and admitted that she understood why people criticised her for cancelling her remaining ‘Funny Girl’ performances.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, Smith said: “I totally had a breakdown and unfortunately because I was spiralling out of control and making mistakes, things I regret because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

“I kind of understand that will get a backlash and people will think ‘Well, what on earth’s going on?’ but you kind of don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Despite admitting to still having days where she struggles, Smith insisted that she was feeling much stronger.

“Everyone goes through grief don’t they. People deal with it in different ways. Obviously there will still be days when it hits you but it gives you strength in a way.

“The support from people has been amazing. People hugging me in the street saying they’ve been through the same.”

Smith also spoke about her new album, ‘A Northern Soul’ and her TV documentary Sheridan Smith: Coming Home which recently aired on ITV.

The documentary focused on Smith returning to her home town after her father’s death.

As viewers were given an insight into her personal life, they watched as Smith broke down in tears during an emotional tribute to her dad which she performed in front of her family and friends.

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