Spirit Airlines Flight Delayed Twice After 'Drunk' Passengers Vomit and Flood Restroom

Travelers on a Spirit Airlines flight were delayed twice at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on October 6 by what Cassidy Smith, who documented events on Twitter, said were drunken passengers.

The first incident involved an allegedly drunk passenger vomiting on another passenger’s hair before takeoff.

According to Smith, the flight was then delayed, as everyone was made to get off the plane so that the vomit could be cleaned up. The passenger who vomited was not allowed to get back on the flight.

The flight, which was headed for Baltimore, then experienced a second delay once travelers had reboarded. This time, two more passengers who appeared to be intoxicated managed to flood one of the cabin’s restrooms as the plane was taxiing toward takeoff. They, too, had to be removed from the plane.

The pilot and crew apologized for the inconvenience, and Smith described them as being “truly amazing” throughout the entire experience. Credit: Cassidy Smith via Storyful