Spirits 'make drinkers feel sexy while red wine and beer are relaxing'

Alexandra Richards
Booze can act as a gateway drug to harder substances: PA

Spirits make drinkers feel sexy and angry while tipples like red wine are relaxing, a London study has found.

Scientists at King's College London have found proof that certain types of alcohol can have different effects of people's mood.

Red wine and beer make us feel relaxed whereas spirits cause someone to feel more sexy, angry or morose.

The large study was published in the journal BMJ Open.

It questioned nearly 30,000 people between the ages of 18 and 34 from 21 different countries around the world on the effect alcohol has on them.

People tend to drink more in order to continue to feel the positive effects of alcohol - but drinking can also have negative effects, the survey found.

Of the people questioned, many said red wine made them feel more lethargic than white wine - but it also made them feel more relaxed.

When it came to drinking spirits, participants reported they became more aggressive and tearful when consuming them. Hard alcohol also made them feel unwell or restless, respondents said.

The study also revealed that men were far more likely than women to associate aggression with alcohol.

In terms of the positives associated with drinking, over half of the individuals who took part in the survey said that alcohol gave them confidence and over 40 per cent said that drinking spirits made them feel sexy.

Professor Mark Bellis, from Public Health Wales NHS Trust, told the BBC that the environment in which we drink may contribute to the way we feel when we consume it.

He said: “Young people will often drink spirits on a night out, whereas wine might be drunk more at home, with a meal.”

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