'We spoke to the youngest and oldest Taylor Swift fans we could find'

As the crowds arrived for Taylor Swift’s second London show of The Eras Tour on Saturday, June 22, the popstar’s appeal was clear. Nearly 90,000 people swarmed Wembley Stadium for the three-and-a-half-hour show, clad in friendship bracelets and glitter.

But what is really interesting to see is the wide-ranging appeal Taylor has, across all genders and age groups. MyLondon decided to catch up with the oldest and youngest fans we could find to see what it is they love about her music so much.

Ann Beard, 80, said the scale of the tour and the passion of the fans were unlike anything she had ever seen. “I’m totally in awe. I’ve never been to anything like this, ever. It’s just been absolutely amazing so far and I haven’t even been in! You would not believe it," she said.

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Ann travelled down from southwest Scotland to attend the show along with her daughter and granddaughter, who flew in from Texas. It was them, Ann said, who originally got her into Taylor's music.

Ann said she had been keeping close tabs on Taylor's movements online, ahead of going in person. “I’ve seen plenty of clips from when she was in Edinburgh. Scotland was just full of it, everywhere, the news, the papers. It was all Taylor Swift," she added.

When asked what her favourite songs were, she smiled and said: “I like all of it.”

'It’s Taylor Swift everything'

Scarlett Ashmore, eight, also came to enjoy the show with her mum Laura, who said: “We’re new Swifties. Scarlett only got into Taylor Swift about a year ago. And now it’s Taylor Swift everything.”

She added: “She’s been watching her on Disney+, singing her songs in the car. She’s even got her sparkly shorts on which she thinks are very Taylor Swift.”

Scarlett said Taylor was her favourite singer and ‘Love Story’ was her favourite song.