'Spooky' buildings warning issued by police over danger fears

Police have issued the urgent warning
-Credit: (Image: Elliot Fox)

Police have urged young people to stop playing in 'spooky' buildings as it could have lethal consequences. Rugby police officers say they have seen a rise in reports of teens breaking into disused buildings across the town and using them as a 'hang out'.

But they have warned that this comes with dangerous consequences. Officers. "We're getting more and more reports of disused buildings being broken into and used as hangout spots and - in some cases - being trashed," the team said.

"We're aware that hanging around in spooky buildings and smashing things up might be an exciting prospect for some of our town's younger residents - but inhaling asbestos fibres or being injured by debris isn't that fun. Nor are the criminal consequences that people engaging in this behaviour might face."

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In a bid to put a stop to the incidents, the team has appealed to parents across the town. "We don't expect teens of Rugby to know much about the dangers of asbestos, or to be expert building inspectors," the team posted on the Rugby Police page on Facebook.

"That's why we're asking parents across the town for a favour. Can you have a chat with your kids to remind them to stay away from disused buildings?"

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