Sporting Lisbon open door to future business with West Ham despite William Carvalho transfer saga

Saga | West Ham failed to sign William Carvalho during the summer: AFP/Getty Images

Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho has opened the door to future transfer business with West Ham after the failed summer transfer involving William Carvalho.

The Hammers bid to sign the 25-year-old ended in a public spat between both clubs and the release of emails divulging personal details of the transfer saga.

Sporting then reported West Ham over an illegal approach to Carvalho after the Portuguese club's president, Bruno de Carvalho, described David Gold and David Sullivan as "the Dildo brothers."

But president Carvalho is now ready to put the "soap opera" behind him and welcomed further transfer business with West Ham.

"There was this soap regarding West Ham, but it is not interesting, it is not important because there was nothing," he told IBTimes.

"English clubs do conduct themselves in a good way; they are not perfect but there is no perfection in the world. But it is good to work with them."

He added: "If we close this soap [I will deal with West Ham again]. It is not good for anybody because the fans deserve better, the truth, our respect. The fans are the most important thing at the club.

"So if we finish what was a strange soap, let's see. But I don't know if they will finish, because it was very, very strange. But I continue with a very good impression of the English clubs."