Sports quiz of the week: stadiums, islands and divine intervention

  1. The longest bar in Europe served its first drink this week. Where is it?

    1. Madrid

    2. London

    3. Edinburgh

    4. Gibraltar

  2. Wynne Evans sang Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur before the club’s first game in the new stadium (just like he did before the last game in the old White Hart Lane). What is Evans best known for?

    1. He wrote the lyrics to Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur

    2. He sang backing vocals on Pavarotti's version of Nessun Dorma

    3. He was the club’s assistant manager when they last won the FA Cup

    4. He sings the jingle in the Go Compare adverts

  3. Which of these is not running in the Grand National this Saturday?

    1. Tiger Roll

    2. Pleasant Company

    3. Pink Rabbits

    4. Rock the Kasbah

  4. Huddersfield are not the only club to have been relegated from the Premier League in March. Which of these teams also went down before the clocks went forward?

    1. Derby County

    2. Sunderland

    3. Norwich City

    4. Portsmouth

  5. What percentage of the clubs competing in the Champions League quarter-finals this week are from the Premier League?

    1. 37.5%

    2. 50%

    3. 62.5%

    4. 75%

  6. County cricket is back. Which of these islands will host games in the County Championship this season?

    1. Jersey

    2. Isle of Wight

    3. Isle of Man

    4. Rathlin Island

  7. What will golfers be allowed to do at the Open this year (but only during practice rounds)?

    1. Smoke cannabis on the course

    2. Wear shorts

    3. Tweet during their round

    4. Let their children putt for them on “easy shots”

  8. Who has picked up 12 braces and two hat-tricks in his long and illustrious career in the Premier League?

    1. Raheem Sterling

    2. Diogo Jota

    3. Gerard Deulofeu

    4. Mike Dean

  9. Why did British heavyweight boxer Kash Ali apologise after his fight against David Price, saying he was “hugely embarrassed” after “the occasion got the better of me”?

    1. Ali was knocked out while he danced with his hands behind his back

    2. Ali won the fight and pulled down his shorts in celebration

    3. Ali was knocked down three times before he threw a single punch

    4. Ali was disqualified for biting his opponent

  10. Who had this to say about Lionel Messi: “He is great to watch on the pitch but he is not God”?

    1. The Archbishop of Canterbury

    2. The Pope

    3. Desmond Tutu

    4. Tom Cruise


1:B - The Goal Line Bar at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium is 65 metres long. The club say they can pour 10,000 pints per minute in the new stadium, although they don't accept cash., 2:D - When the tenor began to sing, Spurs defender Ben Davies told Dele Alli: “That’s the guy from the Go Compare adverts.”, 3:C - Pink Rabbits is not a horse, but a song by The National., 4:A - In 2007-08, when they won just one league game all season., 5:B - Half of the eight remaining teams in the Champions League are English. The other four are from Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands., 6:B - Hampshire will play their home fixtures at Newclose when the Ageas Bowl in Southampton is being used for the World Cup., 7:B - Thankfully, all legs will be covered once the competition rounds begin., 8:D - Dean, who reached the milestone of 100 red cards in the Premier League this week, has not sent off three players in a game since 2008. He's gone soft., 9:D - Ali asked for a rematch but Price insisted: “I don’t want to share the ring with an animal like that.”, 10:B - Pope Francis, also an Argentinian, elaborated: “People can say he is God, just as they may say ‘I adore you’ but only God can be worshiped. ‘This is a God with the ball on the field,’ is a popular way for someone to express themselves. Of course, he is very good, but he isn’t God.”


  1. 1 and above.

    A total shambles

  2. 2 and above.


  3. 3 and above.

    You tried. Have a great weekend

  4. 4 and above.

    You tried. Have a great weekend

  5. 5 and above.

    You 've done (quite) well there. Have a great weekend

  6. 6 and above.

    You 've done well there. Have a great weekend

  7. 7 and above.

    You 've done well there. Have a great weekend

  8. 8 and above.

    You genius. Have a great weekend

  9. 9 and above.

    You genius. Have a great weekend

  10. 0 and above.


  11. 10 and above.

    Perfection. You genius