Sportsman reveals visuals for 'Running On A Beach' - his first single from debut album Neverland

Stockholm-based artist Sportsman [Per Magnusson] is back with a beautiful new single 'Running On A Beach' - accompanied by some wonderful visuals which you can see first on The Independent.

He says of the single off his forthcoming debut Neverland: "'Running On A Beach' was written in Tanzania. I stayed in a small lodge on the beach. I was high on antimalarials when I woke up in a fever to the sound of a minaret at dawn.

"I was convinced that the muezzin was singing my song in a sad, auto-tuned way. I smelled weed, like someone was smoking just outside my window - I got up and walked straight out on the beach. I took a run in the sunrise, passing drunk fishermen and woman spinning seaweed.

"This song is about those magic hours on the border of dream and reality."

Check out the video below:

Q&A with Sportsman

What are you listening to at the moment?

Birdsong. Every morning I walk around this pond, and I always leave my headphones at home. Springtime in Stockholm you hardly need any other music.

But my friend and producer Johan (Cederberg, a.k.a. HNNY) keeps introducing me to all this wonderful music: Arthur Verocai, Shirley Nanette, some of João Gilbertos and Ennio Morricones best. And I ALWAYS listen to Chet Baker, Frank Ocean and First Aid Kit.

What are your plans for 2017?

To release Neverland, my first album, early June. It feels amazing and a little scary at the same time.

It's my baby I've been looking after for three years. But I'm so proud of it and thrilled for people to finally hear it. And play some shows. Drink some good coffee. Improve my tennis game. And I'm going to New York! I'm looking forward to just walking around Central Park with a takeaway-cappuccino and a doughnut.

What was the first gig you ever played and what's been the best so far?

It was in Stockholm, just before I released my first single 'Rally'. There was some kind of event, with all these advertising students, all super drunk. Before we started, they gate-crashed the mic and screamed stuff. The best one was at The Roundhouse in London. There was a really lovely crowd and the vibe was great. In the end Johan handed me a bottle of champagne, which I had during the last song... 'Champagne'.

You can pre-order Neverland via Best Fit Recordings here