Can You Spot The Gherkin Lurking In This Picture?

Even the keenest-eyed puzzle lovers are in a pickle over Deliveroo’s new visual teaser. 

Somewhere amid the tomato, lettuce, chips, burgers, sauce, avocado, egg and pineapple of the illustration above lurks a single solitary gherkin. 

Can you find it? It looks like this: 

Gherkin [credit: Deliveroo]

Like the Where’s Wally of burger toppings, the gherkin has eluded many but we have the answer and if you give up, we’ll show it to you. 



Here it is: 

Oh, right. There it is. [credit: Deliveroo]

If you found that fiendishly difficult, you weren’t alone. Even illustrator Sally-Ann Heron, 25, who drew the puzzle struggled with it. 

“I kept forgetting where it was myself, while I was drawing it,” she said. “I was really hungry by the time I’d finished it." 

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