If you can spot spelling mistake in 20 seconds you have the eyes of a hawk

summer optical illusion
-Credit: (Image: Quizgecko)

A new brain teaser is having puzzle lovers scratching their heads. But can you find it?

If you put your powers of observation to the test you might be able to find the error. But only those with laser-sharp vision will be able to crack.

The mind-boggling optical illusion created by education website, Quizgecko, shows a solitary misspelled word hidden in plain sight amid a sea of 'Summer'. Whilst you need to find it, you only have 20 seconds to do so.

This puzzle may seem easy, but it's pretty tricky. Before you know it, every word looks the same, but as we know, one is different.

So put your skills to the test below, set a timer and see if you can see it. Don't forget to go head to head with your friends and family to see who can spot it the quickest.

summer optical illusion
Can you spot it? -Credit:Quizgecko

If you need a hint, look to the left of the screen. But if you're still scratching your head, scroll below for the answers.

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summer optical illusion
Did you spot it? -Credit:Quizgecko

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