Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to find your most played songs and artists of the year

Clarisse Loughrey
·1-min read

The time has come to feel mildly embarrassed by yourself – Spotify has unveiled its annual “Your 2018” Wrapped’ feature.

A collection of all the music stats to surprise you (or, more often than not, confirm all your worst suspicions) when it comes to your listening habits over the last year.

This year’s breakdown includes a list of how many minutes you listened to, how many different songs, how many different artists, and how many genres you listened to. Are you an explorer? Or do you like to stick to the classics?

Plus, Spotify will test you on how well you know yourself, making you guess your top-played artist, song, and genre before revealing you the truth.

As a reward, you’ll get a playlist collecting together all your top tracks of the year – a pretty fail-safe choice if you’re suddenly too lazy to put together one for your New Year’s Eve party.

All of those revelations can be accessed simply by visiting the dedicated website here and logging in with your Spotify account.

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