Spotify Wrapped Called Us Out, An Angry Cooking Show, And More Things On The Internet People Are Talking About

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First up, the only thing anyone could talk about this week: Spotify Wrapped. The much-anticipated drop had the internet buzzing, but one thing in particular stood out. Queer people noticed that they all happened to have the same few "sound cities" in common.

Twitter: @brokebackstan

Basically, if you got any of those three cities, Spotify was trying to tell you something. At least, that's what Twitter seemed to think!

Twitter: @mpmemequeen

Meanwhile on TikTok, a food creator is getting mixed reactions over her recipe content for its...let's just say unusual style.

People in the comments are even *apologizing* in response to her angry tone. But, hey, she does call it her "aggressive tutorial" series for a reason!

a few comments under the TikTok with people commenting on how the creator seems mad at them
TikTok / Via

Speaking of TikTok, the latest sound all over my FYP is as creepy as it is cool. It's all about showcasing the weird coincidences and deja vu moments in your life and some of them are MIND BLOWING.

I mean, kind of spooky, right?

And in somehow even creepier internet news, Disneyland had a streaker this week and, naturally, Twitter had plenty to say about it.

Twitter: @AshleyEsqueda

Apparently (like many other events) even "The Simpsons" predicted *this*.

Twitter: @WeirdGsTravels

Now for a palette cleanser! We rounded up some enjoyable things from around the internet to make you smile.

  Kathy Hoang/BuzzFeed
Kathy Hoang/BuzzFeed

LOL: At the popular "Josh Hutcherson" thirst memes.

Appreciate: The rare wholesome boomer.

Twitter: @wholesumboomers

Want: *This* "Romeo & Juliet" reboot.

Twitter: @HeavenlyGrandpa

Cozy: On up for the winter, just like this little guy.

Twitter: @buitengebieden

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