How to spring clean if you're lazy

Staff writer
Hard-working mature woman in jeans jacket holding bucket

The frost is melting so it's that time of year again to remove the cobwebs from our lives with a deep spring cleaning. But if such an undertaking strikes fear into your heart, don't worry, we have some tips that will leaving you like a domestic goddess or god.

If you have carpet or a big area rug, now's the time to get out those stains. Rather than scrubbing, try specialist cleaning pads that can be bought online.

Cleaning the microwave may seem daunting but here's a quick hack. Fill a glass safe bowl with water, some lemon, and a few tablespoons of vinegar, let it boil and all the crud wipes off in a jiffy.

When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher? It may sound unnecessary but dishwashers and washing machines need cleaning too. But there are detergents that will let the machine do all the hard work so you can enjoy that extra hour of daylight and warmer weather.