Springwatch fans shocked after Chris Packham sports designer outfit with eyewatering price tag

Springwatch viewers were taken aback when they caught sight of the price tag on Chris Packham's wardrobe for a recent episode.

The wildlife programme's most recent instalment promised to be one of the 'most dramatic' in its history, as the 63-year-old presenter teamed up with Hannah Stitfall, aged 58. After a packed day, they headed over to their local, The Pecker and Bush, for a non-alcoholic pint.

For his appearance, Chris chose to wear a bright mustard yellow raincoat paired with black trousers and an eye-catching black bucket hat. His choice of headgear, bought from designer Prada, retailed at a hefty £520, which did not escape eagle-eyed viewers on social media platform X.

"Go on with your bad self Chris Packham, wearing a Prada bucket hat on Springwatch," posted one admirer. Another quipped: "Chris Packham in his Prada bucket hat is a pure vibe on tonight's Springwatch."

"Can't get over Chris Packham rocking a Prada bucket hat on BBC Springwatch tonight! " added another surprised viewer, reports the Mirror.

In between jokes about the expensive accessory, one follower divulged the cost, saying: "Chris Packham wearing a £500+ Prada bucket hat. #springwatch."

This fashionable revelation came following Chris' plea towards pop star Taylor Swift, imploring her to reassess her 'absurd' private jet usage.

Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has voiced his dismay after it emerged that pop icon Taylor Swift's two planes amassed a staggering 178,000 miles in flights last year.

The "Shake It Off" singer, who is currently thrilling fans on her sold-out Eras tour across Europe, is set to commence the UK and Ireland leg on June 7.

Packham expressed particular outrage over Swift's legal move against Jack Sweeney, the young man behind social media accounts tracking her jets' movementsone of which she has since offloaded.

Chris donned a Prada bucket hat
Chris donned a Prada bucket hat

The wildlife expert remarked: "We know that private jets are the single greatest contributor when it comes to jet aviation fuel and the least efficient because they're carrying one person. And so he called her out and she threatened to sue him. And I just thought, 'You really missed the trick there, Taylor'."

He further suggested what Swift could have done instead: "What you should have said is, 'You're right, times have moved on. I've got to change my practice. I'm going to sell my private jets'.

And that would have been such a powerful thing for her to say to an audience. And I mean, her audience is primarily a young audience, isn't it? I mean, you can't say she's responsible for climate breakdown. But she's an icon. And as a consequence of that, she should be leading."

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