A squirrel nursed back from the brink by a UK family has never left - and now lives happily in their home

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A lifeless squirrel nursed back from the brink by a family has never left - and now lives happily in their home in its own mini house with unlimited cuddles and snacks.

Grace Ellen Harris, 27, and dad Paul Harris, 60, were out for a walk at Walmer Castle when they found an injured baby squirrel on the grass.

After unsuccessfully trying to find its mother, they scooped it up and took it home, with the hope of nursing it back to health.

Grace used a towel and hot water bottle to warm the squirrel and was thrilled when it perked up as she fed the little critter its first walnut.

Naming it Walmer after the English Heritage site in Kent where it was discovered, they tried to release the creature back into the wild when it was well enough.

But apparently Walmer was too fond of its new setting - and never left.

Nearly two years later, he loves getting carried around, snuggling into blankets, belly rubs, being hand fed snacks, and new toys.

Hotel supervisor Grace from Dover, said: "He's not really a pet, so we thought we would just nurse him back to health and release him back out.

"He came into adulthood and really enjoyed his life with us. He has a routine now - he comes out, eat and go to sleep at certain times of the day.

"We had no idea what we were doing at the start, so I spoke to some American people who have squirrels as pets as it's more common there and they advised us on what to do.

"He didn't even need the vet, but we did call around to be sure. A vet told us that because Walmer is a wild animal, they would only treat him if he was very poorly."

The family believe Walmer may have been taken by a bird or orphaned when they found him in September 2019.

Snacking on treats such as walnuts and apples, Walmer lives like a king, and has a custom made wooden home inside the family house, which has recently received another extension.

Despite occasionally wrecking the family home by taking out chunks of wall with its claws, Walmer is regularly treated to new toys.

The sensitive squirrel also loves to be carried around by Grace and retired handyman Paul.

"Walmer chases my mother around the house, so only my father and I handle him," Grace said.

"He is so amazing and loving. Whenever I come back home from work, I will put my fingers through the cage and he will sniff them and jump up and down.

"I take him out and he plays with me. After his snack, he jumps on me and starts grooming me.

"I can't imagine my life without him now. He's part of the family, of our routine and he brought so much joy into our life." 

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