St.Louis School Rube Goldburg

Mar. 6—Saturday, Feb. 24, the St. Louis School's Rube Goldberg team placed second in the regional competition and have been invited to the nationals.

Way to go, team!

They now have the opportunity to compete in early April at Purdue University at the nationals.

This year, the team built a machine that took more than 40 steps to put toothpaste on a toothbrush. Their creativity and teamwork pulled the machine together with the theme of Halloween.

The team is composed of seventh and eighth grade students, and they worked hard together while also having fun.

Team members include Laney Wuestefeld, Jeffrey Gerstbauer, Damien Brelage, Grant Wanstrath, Kathryn Mack, Calvin Padgett, Sophia Leising, Elsa Schneider, Myra Meer and Hunter Young. They are coached by Michael Brelege. — Information provided