Stacey Soloman Targeted Over Alleged Photo Leak

Former I’m A Celebrity star Stacey Soloman is thought to be the latest victim of a photo leak.

Pictures of the singer and presenter in her underwear were uploaded to the Internet this week.

Copyright: [Instagram]

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, naked pictures of another woman – NOT of the X Factor star – were also uploaded alongside the shots of Stacey in her underwear, leaving many to think that they’re part of the same ‘set’.

Talk about making a rubbish situation even worse, right?

Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the presenter said:

“Stacey is understandably angry about the snaps being leaked – they’ve been taken from one of her devices and she doesn’t know how it has happened.

Copyright: [Instagram]

“She’s considering legal action if necessary – she’s certainly going to take some advice and think things through over the next few days because obviously, she wants to know how this has happened.

“What’s made it even worse is that extra pictures have been included alongside the leaked ones which are more explicit and are not even her – and she doesn’t want people to think that they are.”

Urgh, let’s hope they catch the absolute kangaroo-testicle that did this, eh?