Stacey Solomon addresses 'quitting UK to crack America' as she shares concerns

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Stacey Solomon has candidly shared her hesitations about the possibility of moving to the United States, despite the exciting prospect of expanding her career across the pond. The much-loved presenter and mum-of-five, who has found domestic bliss in her Essex home with husband Joe Swash and their brood, has expressed that any move would have to include the entire family.

The revelation came on the heels of news that Solomon's latest venture, the Channel 4 programme Renovation Rescue, caught the attention of Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon's production company, Hello Sunshine. This development could pave the way for Stacey to charm a whole new audience in America.

During an engaging conversation on Caroline Hirons' podcast, Glad We Had This Chat, Stacey was asked by the host about the potential of relocating to the US. She responded with enthusiasm: "Oh my God, that would be so cool, wouldn't it?" But she quickly tempered her excitement with practical concerns, especially regarding her children: "What would I do with the kids though? We'd have to all go there!"

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Adding to her reservations, the former X Factor star also pondered whether her distinct Essex accent might prove to be a barrier, sharing a humorous anecdote: "No, I don't know if they'd understand me! Whenever I'm in America, people say, 'oh are you from Australia?' It's the common twang, I think."

In a light-hearted twist, Stacey even entertained the idea of inviting Reese Witherspoon to the UK for a special appearance on her show, jokingly suggesting: "Can Reese come and cameo? Does she want to come and see it? I'm hoping she'll come down, now the series is on, and have a viewing with me at mine!", reports the Express.

Speaking on her involvement in Renovation Rescue, Stacey admitted: "So, Hello Sunshine had only commissioned in the US - and they wanted to do their first UK commission - and when they asked me if I would do it, I was like, absolutely!" She highlighted the issues she saw in the construction industry: "Another industry that's really messed up is the building industry - there's no regulations around it. Anyone can say they're a builder - you don't have to have certificates - you can just go in, quote a job, take a deposit, and never see that person again."

Giving a sneak peek into how the show works, Stacey said: "So, what we do is - we hired a female builder, Aggie, she's incredible, and we go in and meet these families - see what work is left to be done, what remedial work needs to be done, what we need to pay tradesmen for, because we physically couldn't do it ourselves, and then we pick apart the things that anyone could do."

While discussing Stacey's bid to break into the U. S. market, an insider previously remarked to The Mirror: "Renovation shows are a mega business in America. There are entire channels dedicated to them. And they love Brits. Bake Off is popular in the States because Americans love Paul and Prue's Britishness. Grand Designs is also very popular in America because of Kevin McCloud.

"They think viewers will fall for Stacey's English charm, and the Reese connection is a big enabler. They launched a UK arm of Hello Sunshine to create formats that could sell in Britain first and then around the world. Hello Sunshine has all the contacts in the US, so it's all set up." For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.