Stacey Solomon hit by cruel backlash to her 'favourite photo of 2024'

Stacey Solomon has been hit by a cruel backlash to her "favourite photo of 2024" as fans rush to support her. The BBC Sort Your Life Out star and ITV Loose Women panelist shared the snap of her family on Instagram on Tuesday (June 4).

Stacey wrote: "My favourite picture of 2024 so far. It’s going on the wall. Goodbye May & goodbye half term! It’s been a busy, crazy, rainy duckling adventure that’s gone far too quick." Stacey was seen with her brood and husband Joe Swash, the EastEnders and I'm A Celebrity alum, in the snap.

But noticing a missing family member, an Instagram user shot back to say: "Joes poor son,. Was he even there for family pics? Does he get a say if he wants to be put online or not?" Defending Stacey, a fan said: "@deborahcvickers His Mother won't allow him on any of Stacey's photos and Stacey respects her wishes."

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The original Instagram user then said: "@alison62gs oh really? Thanks for explaining. Kinds not nice in a way as im sure hed love to be involved, but im sure they have their ways to do things." A second said: "@alison62gs oh god well she sounds a nasty person he should be included in a family photo as he's part of it."

"They wanted him to go on the family holiday but he was busy with his own stuff," another said. "I’m sure he has a nice time with Joe Stacey and the other children but it’s his mums choice he’s not allowed in photos."

"@deborahcvickers maybe he is included but they just keep those pictures to themselves," another wrote. "I don’t blame his mum! Some people don’t want their kids on the internet, nothing nasty about it." Another said: "@nikpen75 oh im one of those moms. I dont put my child online. But hes 8. Hes a kid. I do wonder if joes boy is there behind the scenes?.

"Like the post says her favourite pic. Which to me means its her fave of the day. If the other boy was involved but not put online then would it be said "one of my favourite photos". "Others will be put on the wall." Or something."

Another said: "@deborahcvickers if he wanted to be online am sure he would be and I don't think we should speculate the whys and wherefores of how these guys choose to include us or how the young lads mum wants to keep him away from the spotlight. They are co-parenting."