Stacey Solomon left with black eye admitting it was down to 'toxic trait'

Stacey Solomon has revealed her "toxic trait" saying it left her with a black eye. The Loose Women and Sort Your Life Out presenter took to Instagram sporting an impressive bruised eye with a small cut above it.

And she said it was down to her personality - asking fans: "Why am I like this." The star had previously posted on the social media site to show fans the latest addition to her family - two tiny ducklings.

And it was as she tried to prepare a new home for them that things went wrong. She told how she had got back from shooting Loose Women on Monday to find the new self-assembly duck coop was there.

But she said with a busy week she decided to do it there and then - despite the light fading. She told followers: "I thought if I don't put it up right this second I won't put it up till the weekend. Any normal person would say it's fine, put it up at the weekend and they're not going to be in that coop for another six weeks but my toxic trait is if there's something in front of me I have to do it immediately. I don't know why I'm like that."

She said as she tried to put it up she dropped part of the roof and it landed on her eye. She laughed: "Why am I like this?

"So that'll be fun at the shoot tomorrow - it'll probably be worse tomorrow. It's always worse the day after the day after. But it was worth it."

Showing pictures of the coop she said while there was still lots to do - including finishing the base and digging out the pond - it was "really cool". She added: "I'm very excited".

Last week Stacey showed off the two duckings in a video showing them being cuddled by two of her children Rex, five, and Rose, two. She wrote then: "Welcome To Pickle Cottage Little Ones. We are so excited to love you & we hope you love living here & being a part of our crazy family."