Stacey Solomon warns of dangers of photo retouching she poses for Loose Women's Body Stories campaign

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Stacey Solomon is taking part in Loose Women's Body Stories campaign. (ITV)
Stacey Solomon is taking part in Loose Women's Body Stories campaign. (ITV)

Stacey Solomon has warned of the dangers of photo retouching and social media as part of Loose Women's Body Stories campaign.

The mother-of-three posed in a bikini for the campaign which saw the stars of the ITV show pictured before and after the use of body tuning apps.

Solomon, who has 4.4million Instagram followers, explained why she doesn't excessively edit her own photos.

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“If I thought a picture was a bit dark, I might brighten it up but I have not got the time to airbrush, slim things down, change the shape of things… then also I’m going to go out in public and they’ll go, ‘Who are you? Looks nothing like you!’

"I think it can be a real dark hole to go down if you’re constantly changing things and wanting to be different," she shared.

The 31-year-old went on: “We have to get into the schools at this point and learn how to create a positive feed online. If you’re looking at something and just feeling crap about yourself, don’t look at it anymore.

"We’ve got to teach how to detox social media, how to find positive people to follow, how to deal with negative feedback and criticism.”

The former X Factor contestant featured in the 2017 Body Stories campaign but noted her body is "completely different" now after welcoming son Rex in 2019 with partner Joe Swash.

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The campaign aims to explore how changes can be made to ensure more transparency when posting edited pictures to social media.

The other Loose Women panellists taking part are Nadia Sawalha, Linda Robson, Brenda Edwards, Jane Moore, Kelle Bryan, Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch, Kaye Adams and Frankie Bridge.

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