Stacey Solomon praised for showcasing the power of photoshop in unedited bikini photoshoot

Stacey Solomon has once again been championing ‘normal’ bodies on social media, sharing poignant images from a recent photoshoot in a bid to combat the unrealistic standards that young people aspire to.

There are two photos of each of the snaps from the shoot; one heavily edited and airbrushed, and the other completely untouched – showing Stacey how she actually looks in real life.

Stacey is defying critics with body confidence. Copyright: [Celebrity Secrets/Richard Barr]

The shoot was part of Stacey’s exclusive interview with Celebrity Secrets, with the TV presenter telling the magazine: “Children are robbed of their childhood because they’re under pressure to look a certain way.

“Even if you ask 100 teenagers if they think a picture has been edited, and they all say ‘yes’, they’ll still want to look like that – as that’s what they think ‘pretty’ is, that’s what we’ve got to eradicate.”

The 28-year-old mother-of-two also shared one of the before and after photos to her Instagram page, telling her followers: “This is how scary airbrushing can be… just remember when you’re looking at someone’s post or in a mag or poster you might not be looking at real life images!

Stacey has highlighted the dangers of photoshop. Copyright: [Celebrity Secrets/Richard Barr]

“I’m so proud of the interview and shoot I did with @celebritysecretsmag highlighting how dangerous this kind of body morphing is and why all bodies should I’ll be celebrated no matter what shape or size!

“I look better UN airbrushed in my opinion and love my natural lumps and bumps! If you want to see real women and read about not putting pressure on yousrelf this year pick up a copy of @ok_mag bumper pack and read celeb secrets mag! Love yourself because you’re perfect [sic]”.

Stacey was widely applauded by her fans, with one commenting: “I love how inspirational you are, and how real! Such a breath of fresh air to read this, makes me feel normal.”

You can catch Stacey’s full shoot and interview in Celebrity Secrets.

Others added: “Thank you for raising this & showing girls what magazines do to photos. How can we as parents assure our daughters that they are beautiful no matter their size when they are bombarded with photoshopped images?”

“Amazing words, thank you. You look beautiful as you are.

“So refreshing to have a celeb talk like you do!”

This is far from the first time that Stacey has been praised for her body positivity, hitting the headlines last year when she posted a tongue-in-cheek video from her family holiday that saw her mock her “muffin top, saggy boobs, and stretch marks”.

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