Staff at Edinburgh cafe hit back after locals rage at 'shameful' sign in window

An Edinburgh cafe has defended itself against claims it made some locals feel unwelcome after displaying a pro-Palestinian poster in the window.

Moski's Cafe on Great Junction Street in Leith, shared the poster with the words: 'Declare Leith a Zionist free zone,' leading to a heated debate on social media.

Some residents claimed the image was 'shameful' and 'blatant discrimination'.

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But the cafe told Edinburgh Live it encouraged an 'open table discussion for everyone to express their views and opinions'.

On X, Elad Simchayoff, European correspondent for Channel 12 News, shared a picture of the poster in the cafe's window, writing: "Edinburgh, Scotland. A restaurant declares itself a “Zionist free zone”. I’m told the police were informed and deemed this is not a hate crime."

One user commented on the post saying: "The Police are wrong! This is blatant discrimination So anyone who is Jewish and/or from Israel is banned. They are one and the same thing."

Another said: "Shameful and disappointing"

A third said: "If this is not a hate crime, what is?"

Another user tagged delivery service Uber Eats in their response saying: "What shop is it? Would someone get refused service if going and being a Zionist? Clearly discrimination!"@UberEats Do you approve?"

Staff at the cafe posted on TikTok, claiming that due to allowing the poster, bad reviews have been left on their social media sites. The video shows that they have small Palestine flags throughout their cafe also.

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Staff at the sandwich bar told Edinburgh Live: "As an establishment in the Leith area, we welcome anyone who would like to use our window space for posters, adverts, political parties etc.

"At Moskis we do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality and I am quite saddened to see the response by some members of the community claiming that we do not allow “Jews to enter”.

"This is quite a serious accusation. Not all Jewish people are in support of the Israeli government's actions and I would like their views to also be heard on the matter and of course, again, everyone is welcome.

"We encourage an open table discussion for everyone to express their views and opinions."

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