Stafford 2024 general election candidates

-Credit: (Image: Staff)
-Credit: (Image: Staff)

Stafford is a seat Labour is targeting from the Conservatives in the 2024 General Election. Pollsters have tipped Labour to take the seat which has swung between Labour and the Tories in the past but is currently in the hands of Tory Theodora Clarke.

Stafford is known as a swing seat. It has been in Conservative hands since 2010 but was a Labour constituency in the Tony Blair years and is strongly tipped to return that way. Ms Clarke took over from fellow Tory Jeremy Lefroy in 2017 and retained her seat in the last General Election.

Tories will be desperate to hold on to Stafford but Electoral Calculus is forecasting a large Labour win. It comes amidst a tough time for Rishi Sunak's party which is predicted to lose despite an 80-seat majority in 2019.

Who's standing in Stafford?

Leigh Ingham - Labour Party

Michael Riley - Reform UK

Scott Spencer - Green Party

Theo Clarke - Conservative Party

Peter Andras - Liberal Democrats

Titus Anything - Monster Raving Loony Party

Craig Morton - Heritage Party

What was the Stafford general election result in 2019?

The last general election was in 2019 Here are the results:

  • Conservative, Theodora Clarke - 29,992 (58.6%)

  • Labour, Joyce Still - 15,615 (30.5%)

  • Liberal Democrats, Alex Wagner - 3,175 (6.2%)

  • Green, Emma Carter - 2,367 (4.6%)

Turnout: 51,149 (70.5%)