Stag Party Member Fined £4,800 For Forcing Alicante Flight to Divert

A Jet2 plane landing at Manchester Airport (Picture: Rex)

Being on a short haul flight with a stag party is never fun - easily worse than a screaming baby - especially if they have just indulged in a few brewskis at the airport bar.

One stag party member was so disruptive, he forced a Jet2 flight from Leeds to Alicante to divert 500 miles and land in Toulouse, France.

The airline reported that Grant Marshall repeatedly refused requests to stop drinking alcohol, using intimidating behaviour and threatening behavior.

He has been invoiced £4,809 by Jet2 for inconveniencing over 1000 passengers flying that day - Oh and he has been banned from flying with Jet2 for life.

Marshall, who was a member of a party of 14, was apprehended by French police on arrival at Toulouse airport.

Jet2 managing director Phil Ward told the Yorkshire Telegraph: ‘To protect the safety and comfort of our loyal customers and staff, we openly pledged to take actions to stamp out antisocial behaviour on board and that is exactly what we are doing.

‘More than 1,150 passengers were inconvenienced that day by Mr Marshall’s antisocial and unacceptable behaviour.

‘This is why we issued him with this bill for the costs involved.’

Seriously stag weekenders,its a marathon not a sprint…will they never learn?

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